The 2016 GILMEDIA Presidential Web Design Showdown

It Is the showdown of the century.

The greatest political conflict lately is headed our way. Hillary Clinton along with Donald Trump are going to go head to head at the very publicly discussed political showdown ever. And, no, we aren’t speaking about the U.S Presidency.

Rather, Gilmedia is more interested in looking where candidate will take the crown for Greatest Website Design.

We’re carrying an impartial, critical look at the Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s official campaign websites — before crowning among them victorious.

To stay impartial, we are estimating both websites on five Crucial standards:

5. Social Networking

For each criterion, Gilmedia will assign the respective candidate a letter grade. Whoever scores maximum — wins. We’re making impartial decisions directed solely by our passion for impeccable site design and implementation.

The First Lady of the Nineties has given us a site with a clear emphasis on households and youth participation. But does it work? The splash-page you land on is clear and effective, asking for modest donation sums from her supporters before ushering them inside.

1. Usability:

Concerning rate, the pages are dragging and sometimes a tiny bit slow. This is probably due to all of the video scripts and content scattered across the different portions of the site. The site is big (almost five times the Trump’s page) however, the overall functionality grade is marginally greater than his. This site is doing a whole lot, therefore slower speeds and uploads are inescapable.

When looking into the site’s use of intuitive engagement, the lack of apparent calls-to-action leaves the consumer with no strong sense of management. These pages could use more buttons leading users towards beneficial information, other than just making a contribution. That said, the pages move fast and transition between information nicely, considering its size.

Grade: B
2. Layout

The total web design is modern and effective. The use of interactive video and vision feels refreshing and active while not distracting the consumer. The front page includes an engaging design, akin to favorite blog-style sites like BuzzFeed or The Huffington Post.

The About page is creative and bright, using a timeline to document Hillary through her years of political expertise. The timeline evolves together with her, starting in white and black and finish in vibrant, bright, futuristic colors. It is striking, easy and refined.

Grade: B
3. Content:

While the information about Hillary herself is clear and very effective, the content showcasing her stance on the Problems is a tiny bit muddy. This page was created like a portfolio, each issue lined up alongside another like bits of a Tetris puzzle. What they are missing, however, is visual information to help guide the user towards the content they’re looking for. It is a tiny bit difficult to navigate with each of the text material being stacked so closely together.

Where the site does utilize imagery nicely is on the timeline of her achievements. The content is presented in a more straightforward and easy to comprehend format, while maintaining the user engaged.

Grade: B
4. Creativity:

The true creativity of Clinton’s campaign site can be found in using online marketing, not the web layout. One of the greatest examples of this can be your Love Trumps Hate press endeavor; engaging customers to produce their own graphics featuring their faces alongside the”love trumps hate” slogan. It is fresh, creative, enjoyable. This attribute is targeting youthful and undecided voters. Bonus points are added for the applicable, hip merchandise on sale at the site’s store.

Unfortunately, Clinton loses points on imagination for the actual web design itself. Though the site looks great, the exact identical appearance is easily achieved through many of WordPress templates. It is nothing out of the ordinary.

Grade: B
5. Social:

Hillary Clinton was getting praise from press outlets (like Forbes, Mashable as well as also The New York Times) because of the sociable media strategies. They have been complimenting her usage of interactive and creative media to engage young voters.

Klout is a site using social media analytics to rate the influence of a person or brand, scoring them between 1 and 100.

Clinton’s current Klout score is 95.

Facebook Likes: 7,424,500

Twitter Followers: 9.96 Million

Instagram Followers: 2.6 Million

Grade: A

Hillary is doing her best to relate to the youthful voters with a hip, fashionable and engaging site. But is it sufficient to take the win?

Trump is famous for being a tv character, real-estate mogul and multi-billionaire in Queens, New York.

The first thing we noticed in Trump’s landing page was that the large, gold decoration announcing him victorious in the next presidential debate. It’s since been eliminated, but it definitely distracted in the contribution call-to-action, which sits mid-age, beneath the massive victorious lettering.

1. Usability:

The rate of this site is superb. Nothing feels out of place and the calls-to-action are redirecting focus immediately to all of the important locations. Unlike Clinton’s site, there is a clear voter registration banner right at the top of the page– causing the consumer to a easy-to-understand registration site.

In accordance with, the total rate of the site is excellent, exceeding eighty percent of websites on the net. That is unsurprising considering how small the site is, compared with Clinton’s campaign site.

Though the site is almost five times bigger than Clinton’s, the total performance standard is a few points lower. While the site may be faster, it is offering much less, and should be performing better.

Grade: B
2. Layout

The layout for the main page varies depending on your browser and how big the display you’re using. For the most part, the layout is glossy and concrete — however if you are using a bigger than average display, then the image of Trump’s head is cut off halfway. That is an unacceptable oversight for a site of this budget and prestige.

Take a look at this side-by-side example:

Another example of the site’s underwhelming layout includes the usage of the banner images on the Positions page. Each banner image is the same, never becoming personalized to some of the critical issues. Transforming the images could have made a more powerful impact, particularly on such an important part of the site. It seems like a missed opportunity.

Grade: C
3. Content:

The content is organised in a very effective manner, together with Trump’s political places made available via an immediate drop down menu. The organization of the site is very clear and effective, directing the consumer to each of the significant content immediately, utilizing calls-to-action where necessary.

Alas, the quality of the content itself is bare and provides very little detail. The speech is too straightforward, regardless of the demographics being targeted. Whereas Clinton’s information was overly cluttered, so Trump’s feels overly sparse.

Grade: B-
4. Creativity:

The site’s lack of imagination seems calculated. There’s an unapologetic concentrate on the countries benefiting the effort, and that feels transparent along with a small refreshing. Trump is making an effort to”tell it as it’s” with the type of graphic design spread across this glistening, white, red, and, blue site. The images are rather understated, but never detract from the concept.

While the dearth of interactive layout and innovative atmosphere is definitely meaningful, adding video to certain pages could have granted the experience a bit more material.

Grade: B-
5. Social:

It is undeniable. Donald Trump is that the king of social media and he’s been for almost a decade. He posts two times as much as Clinton and has maintained rabid Twitter followers entertained since he was the critical face of The Apprentice — the enormous Emmy Award-winning reality app that catapulted Trump into full-time stardom.

So it is no surprise that his figures are very impressive.

Trump’s current Klout score is currently 89.

Facebook Likes: 11,682,487

Twitter Followers: 12.7 Million

Instagram Followers: 2.7 Million

Grade: A

The numbers are in. They have been crunched and they are closing.

The winner of this 2016 Gilmedia Presidential Web Design Showdown is…

While it was a close race, then Hillary pulled in the long run. Her invention of social interactivity and relevant campaign merchandise helped solidify her champion. If Donald had only paid closer attention to detail and display size, he’d have probably chosen the crown.

Now the real showdown has ended, make sure you keep the eyes on the 2016 United States Presidential election Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

If you can vote, please make sure you do so.

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