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Cheap Interior Doors

Whether you are building a new house, remodeling a room in your home, or just need to replace damaged or old doors, how do you choose the best doors for your house? In this portfoliodoors.co.uk site, you will find the best types of interior doors to enhance and complement your home.

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Best Interior Door Styles

Panel Doors

This is the most commonly used type of interior doors used in residential homes. They have rectangular or square patterns ranging from one large panel up to eight small panels or even more. These patterns may also include decorative finishes and rounded tops, in addition to glass inserts for more decorative interest.

Flush Doors

This type of interior door offers a very classic and clean option for your house. These doors are completely flat and flush with the wall. They are usually quite affordable

Bifold Doors

These interior doors come in a set and are hinged together. They are mounted to a track. They are most commonly found in places such as a kitchen pantry, laundry room or bedroom closet. This type of door is good to use in areas with limited space or where you do not want to have a full swinging door.

French Doors

Give any entryway a dramatic touch by installing french doors. These doors are comprised of two hinge-hung doors that are mounted on both sides of an opening. The doors swing in towards each other. Decorative panels or glass inserts are often used in French doors for added glamour. This type of interior door is often used to highlight certain rooms in a home such as a master bedroom, living room or music room.

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Sliding Doors

Two or more doors are hung by mounting them to a track. This type of door doesn’t swing, but there does need to be enough room to either the left or right of each door to make sure they can slide back and forth freely. They are most often used in closets.

Pocket Doors

This type of interior door is similar to a sliding door. However, usually, it is just one door that is mounted to an overhead rolling track that slides into a space in the wall. Portfoliodoors suggests that there are also new styles of pocket doors that are a double door style where there are spaces in the way on both sides of the doorway. Pocket doors have the advantage of hiding the door, so they are a great option to use in rooms where the doors don’t need to be closed very often. They are also good to use in small spaces.