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Question: Is it necessary to get license to sell homemade baby food? My parents manufacture all these powders for infants and marketed locally out of generations. Now want your advice and I want to start it on line.

Whether it’s essential to get license, guide me. If that’s the case, because these are ready at our home kitchen, what would be the conditions expected for the license? Could we get it for the speech of our house that is rented?

Response: Yes, you have to apply for your own license/registration of your food business as you’re well under the ambit of meals Safety & Standards Act, 2006. For manufacturing/processing capacity is upto 100 ltr/kg per day then you need to submit an application for the registration certificate and then you have to apply under the FSS Act for the license, if it’s more than 100ltr/kg. You can show the leased premises as your own food business location. The area ought to be located besides keeping the sanitary conditions, from any external influence. The meals manufacturing/processing are must be allocated for the food activity which we would not be possible in a home kitchen.

There is an online process of license/registration. Click here to read more.

As soon as you obtain a registration certificate you have to follow sanitary conditions according to Schedule 4 & the FSSAI guidelines about the sanitary. You also have to follow the FSS (Packaging & Labelling) Regulations 2011. And most important; you have to check for the listing of ingredients and the formulation of the infant food, to verify that you’re conforming with the criteria as defined under FSS (Food Products Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011.

Question: that I am likely to begin a food product business in ghaziabad which we sell through hawkers like sanitized quality walls ice cream bicycle riksha, therefore please guide me the way to take licence in gaziabad & to whom I must contact.

Response: FSSAI had introduced an internet process of applying for the license and you’ll be able to apply through online. Your can apply online: FSSAI Registration & licensing

Question: Why we need product approval?   As soon as we need product approval?

Response: Please proceed through the following link for movie recording: Food Product Approval

Question: Should we make homemade jams and pickles in tiny amounts to sell, we just need a registration it looks — can this be done on line or is a trip into the state/regional authority still required. How long does it take to get the registration certificate?

Response: you’ll be able to apply online for license/registration of your food business as there’s an internet process by FSSAI for the exact same. Whether you need a license or registration will rely upon your manufacturing unit’s manufacturing capability. If your manufacturing capacity is upto 100 ltr/kg every day, then you need registration certificate and then you are going to have to apply for the license, if your annual turnover is greater than 100 ltr/kg per day. You can read for the advice on licensing & registration in the following urls: