Paid Product Testing — The Best Way To Get Paid To Test Products, Websites, Apps, Games and 24 Legit Product Testing Sites & Companies That Pay

If you are thinking about whether you can definitely get paid for beta exam sites, games or apps, this is the right article for you. It covers all you will need to understand in addition to shows you the specific legit product testing websites and businesses that really pay you.

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Back to getting paid to check sites, apps or videos games, this is how it works…

How To Get Paid To Test Products, Websites, Apps and Games

You just help companies or developers test to determine if their goods are user friendly and devoid of bugs… and you also get paid for your own efforts.

It’s as simple as that. Yes, it really works and there are real businesses that really pay.

It’s possible to apply or signal with any item testing or beta testing opportunity you find to make extra money in your spare time.

Naturally, there is more to it than, such as the requirements you need, what to take note of, etc.,. Again, do not worry as this article will help cover all you need to understand.

What’s Paid Product Testing or Beta Testing of Products, Websites, Apps or Games?

In simple terms, product testing or beta testing denotes the testing or beta testing of a commodity before it is released to the public.

Most programmers or businesses carry out these types of tests to help locate and fix problems, glitches or bugs that might influence the usability of their merchandise.

These bugs could have escaped previous tests of these goods but a beta exam may help treat it.

Sites, computer apps, smartphone apps, and video games can come with a few glitches or bugs every now and then however a thorough test can help the programmers fix these before launch.

The significance of analyzing or beta testing on the success or failure of a commodity can’t be dismissed. Therefore, companies try to spare no expense in finding and fixing bugs on the sites, apps or video games they have developed. .

Better decision making and better product development remains the overall benefits of this product testing or beta testing.

That is why they are willing to cover this. They provide individuals like you the opportunity to carry out these testing to them and also make money on your time and opinions.

You can get paid money or rewarded with gift cards and other prizes based on the organization.

General Prerequisites Before You Can Become A Product Tester or Beta Tester

If you want to operate and get paid as a product tester for any company, you must know the qualification needed. It’s also a fantastic idea to know about any tools/equipment needs.

Some companies will need one to meet requirement such as age though some will need you to have the right technical skills.

The ideal technical abilities within this case may just be having adequate amount of technical performance to have the ability to put broken codes or specific functionalities in goods with ease. This may also apply to visual or functional code employed in the specific system you will be beta-testing.

Also, apart from these needs, some companies may need that you merely use the product and make reports regarding your experience working with the item.

For equipment, generally you may be required by some product testing websites or businesses to have:

  • A personal computer with reliable online connection.
  • A smartphone operating operating systems such as Android, iOS or Windows.
  • A mic and headset
  • A Webcam installed on your own computer
  • An email accounts
  • A PayPal account.

Are You Willing To Test Products For Free and Maintain Them?


Some businesses enable you to test specific products at no cost and maintain them, particularly once you give them with the feedback expected.

24 Legit Product Testing Sites & Companies That Really Pay

Listed here are 24 companies that truly pay people for one to beta or test products, sites, games or apps for their clientele.

Legit Product Testing Sites That Really Pay Swagbucks

Here is the first on our list as they’re one of the most real out there that truly pay. They pay users for much more than just testing products, sites or apps. They even pay for other activities and may be done online, in the comfort of your residence.

In addition they pay users for sharing their views and ideas on goods or solutions.

And they could pay you directly to a Paypal account, if that’s how you need to get paid.

and start earning now.

Paid Product Testing Website That Really Pays Number — UserTesting

UserTesting is a well-known company that provide product tests for clients.

It’s possible to get paid by doing beta tests for this business when you’ve got the ability required.

The tests you carry out with this business take between 10 to 40 minutes and you also get paid $3 to $10 for quick tests.

You will be paid $10–15 for every 20-minute evaluation you complete.

If you do nicely with your tests, you can make more.

Click here to have a look at UserTesting.

Paid Product Testing Website That Really Pays #TestIO

TestIO is just another company that really pays.

Their needs are fairly simple — perform beta testing for these and hunt for bugs.

You need to have some level of technical efficacy to work with this provider.

It is possible to make up to $50 per test. If you find a bug, this company may pay $3 to $5 per insect.

Payouts are made about the 19th of this month you have asked the payment.

It may be paid through PayPal or through Payoneer, etc..

Click here to check out TestIQ.

Paid Product Testing Company That Really Pays #MyCrowd

MyCrowd is software testing company that also pays one to perform beta testing.

You need to have some level of technical competence in analyzing and seeing bugs on sites, games and apps.

You may earn depending on the amount of bugs you find.

Testers are paid 2 to $15 per insect according to its seriousness.

You will get your payments through PayPal after your bugs are approved.

Click here to check out MyCrowd.

Get Paid To Test Products’ Website That Really Pays Number —

UTest is a software evaluation company that also pays.

You will paid for discovering bugs in addition to for determining the usability of a website, app or game.

UTest pays $10-$50 per test.

It is possible to earn more based on whether you are Gold, Silver, Bronze, Proven, or Rated tester.

In an evaluation group, you can perform a usability recording, place bugs, and also write a complete report or opinions.

You will get your payment through PayPal or Payoneer.

One thing to notice though — this business needs its aide to be 18 decades and above.

Click here to check out UTest.

Get Paid To Test Apps’ Website That Really Pays #Ubertesters

Ubertesters is just another respectable company that really pays users for beta testing apps.

With this business, you are required to spot and report bugs with edited screenshots and movie sessions recorded directly using the analyzed app.

You get paid for your time and effort spent.

Click here to check out Ubertesters.

Get Paid To Test Games’ Website That Really Pays #99tests

99tests is just another good company that really pays people who examine latest programs through tthem.

As a beta tester, then you will be paid to see and report bugs on new or to be published software solutions.

You can do these tests from your home as full-time or part-time beta tester.

And these tests can be for sites in addition to apps.

Payment is through PayPal or PayU.

Click here to have a look at 99Tests.

Legit Product Testing Website That Really Pays Number — Userfeel

Userfeel is yet another beta-testing firm you can register with to examine sites and apps.

With this organization you provide your comments on the usability of the apps you examine, and also get paid for your campaigns.

You’ll be paid $10 for every single test that requires just 15 minutes to complete.

Some Writers can earn up $100 — $200 per month with this business.

Payments are made weekly through PayPal.

Click here to check out UserFeel.

Legit Product Testing Company That Really Pays Number — Ferpection

Ferpection pays folks such as you for testing apps and sites.

It is possible to perform these tests in the beta testing phase of the goods.

You’re provide your feedback using screenshots on your telephone or tablet.

Most Ferpection testers make up to $100 or more in a month.

Payments are made monthly through PayPal.

Click here to check out Ferpection.

Legit Product Testing Company That Really Pays #TrymyUI

TrymyUI is just another reputable company that assesses people who could examine the usability of apps and sites.

You get to spend just 20 minutes on the majority of their tests and may get $10 per evaluation completed.

You can have to provide documents of your tests by showing image screenshots, audio, or movie.

Click here to check out TryMyUI.

Paid Product Testing Website That Really Pays #Erlibird

Erlibird is just another company that really pays people who assist them beta test applications apps and similar goods.

You are to follow their instructions and get rewarded after finishing your own tests.

Testers with Erlibird are paid $10 or more.

You might likewise be rewarded with Karma or points that may be exchanged for games, music, programs, etc..

Click here to check out Erlibird.

Get Paid To Examine Websites That Really Pay 12TestBirds

Test Birds permits you to function as freelancer and beta evaluation mobile apps, sites, games, wearables as well as clever appliances.

You must be 18 decades or longer and are predicted to find bugs in whatever software you will be beta-testing.

TestBirds pays 20 Euros for each test but you can make more if you locate serious technical bugs.

On the average, an evaluation with this company may last about 20 minutes.

Click here to check out TestBirds.

Get Paid To Examine Companies That Really Pay 13What Users Do

“What Users Do” is another good company to think about for beta-testing and getting paid.

They pay individuals around the world who can assist them examine apps and sites for their clientele.

For a 20 minutes completed evaluation, this business pays $10.

You will get your payment through PayPal after you complete the task offered to you.

Click here to check out”What Users Do”.

Get Paid To Review Products’ Websites That Really Pay 14Beta Family

Beta Family is just another paying business.

They mostly concentrate on the testing of smartphone apps.

Especially, you get to assist test apps developed for Android and iOS devices.

This business pays $10 for any 45-60 minutes evaluation.

You can ask to get a payout when your account reaches $50.

Your bank account is credited following 30 days of your payout request.

Click this to be part of this Beta Family.

Get Paid To Try Products’ Websites That Really Pay 15User Test

User Test also really pays people who do beta tests for their clients’ apps and applications.

You also get to see and report bugs.

You’ll get paid $10 or 8 Euro for finishing a 20 minutes evaluation.

To be accepted as a tester, you must complete a sample evaluation.

Click here to check out User Evaluation .

Free Product Testing Website That Really Pays #16VMC’s Global Beta Test Network

VMC’s Global Beta Test Network is a provider really pays people who help check out recently introduced video games for their clientele.

It is possible to do beta tests for this business to improve the overall usability of their matches.

You’re predicted to see and report bugs in the apps or games while playing them.

You’ll be paid after the completion of the beta test assignment provided to you.

How interesting is that, correct? Getting paid just for playing matches and identifying difficulties with them!

Click here to check out VMC’s Global Beta Test Network.

Free Product Testing Company That Really Pays #Intellizoom

Intellizoom is well known for helping clients test their apps and sites.

Testers are paid $10 to get’consider loud tests’.

Most tests take between 10 and 20 minutes.

They really pay testers and you’ll be able to expect payment into your PayPal account after 21 business days.

Click here to check out Intellizoom.

Product Testing For Cash Site That Really Pays #18StartUpLift

StartUpLift focuses on analyzing apps and sites for startup businesses.

You can register to assist them improve the usability of specific sites or apps manufactured by new businesses.

StartUpLift pays $5 for each feedback made and you will get your payments through PayPal weekly.

Click here to check out StartUpLift.


TestingTime pays people who examine apps, sites and software programs for their clientele.

With this business though, you need to have Skype software installed in your computer to have the ability to record your evaluations.

Thankfully Skype is totally free to use, so it is not extra cost to set up and use it, even in case you haven’t.

It is possible to spend between 30 and 90 minutes doing beta tests for their clientele.

Completed tests can make you around $53.

Click here to check out TestingTime.

 — UserLytics

UserLytics is one of the businesses that make it effortless for you to perform beta testing on apps and sites.

You may paid $10 for each test completed.

Together however they require you to have a webcam installed on your PC.

Another good thing with these is you can choose the kind of tests you like.

Success as a tester with this business requires one to set up and use the newest applications on your computer or smartphone.

Payments are made every 14 days through PayPal.

Click here to check out UserLytics.


Userbrain is a business that really rewards you to do beta testing on apps and sites for them and their clientele.

With Userbrain though, you will have to give voice tests as you complete the tasks given.

You’re paid $3 per exam, and this may last between 5 and 15 minutes.

Also, Userbrain requires you to submit a sample evaluation, and you may be required to use Google Chrome browser for the test.

Payment is by PayPal.

Click here to subscribe to Userbrain.


The above is how to get paid beta testing of sites, games and apps for businesses.

Other companies you Might Want to think about include:

22 — Enroll

23 —

24 — UsabilityHub

As excellent as it sounds to get paid for analyzing out products, sites, apps and games, you need to do the testing required prior to getting paid. Therefore, whether you get paid or not and how much you will get paid, will be dependent on what you do or do not do.

If you’d rather get paid as well as profit each month, without so much as doing a great deal of work, is going to be amazing for you.

They provide you weekly and daily activities to do but whether you do them all or not, you get paid in the efforts of everyone else, and then you make a profit each month.