Reasons To Buy Rawhide Free Dog Chews

Big dogs seem to be able to tolerate almost any kind of assault on their digestive system. They can eat large bones, swallow things whole, and are not as adversely affected as smaller pups and breeds.

Rawhide Free Dog Chews
Small dogs have particularly sensitive digestive systems. They cannot as easily tolerate eating something that takes a long time to digest. Or, worse, they might need a visit to the vet if they eat rocks, metal, or even treats.

That’s right, some treats can tie up their intestines, and just not pass right through their bodies smoothly. Specifically chews are tough on the body. Rawhide is the biggest threat to the stomach.

Yet, for anyone who has a feisty puppy, an overly energetic dog, or one who chews on everything but their toys, rawhide chews are usually the go-to solution. But they can cause distress.

As it turns out rawhide is tough to digest. Instead, going with rawhide free dog chews is the best way to go. These days, everyone seems to be in the business of making dog treats and chews.

That’s great news for anyone looking for a better product and they can buy from here at discount price. There are chews made of plants, which are still pretty solid. Green bones are good at cleaning teeth. Again, though, the warning for those who have smaller dogs is that such bones can be too hard on their teeth and their stomachs.

Try out different brands and grains. Brown rice sticks, peanut butter and molasses biscuits, and other varieties are easy answers to the rawhide dilemma. You still get a way to distract dogs from chewing the couch, furniture, and shoes.

Be sure to read the ingredient list to make sure that they do not contain anything that your dog cannot eat. Many dogs have sensitivities.