Check Out Cookbooks For dinner Recipes

No one can argue that the pace of modern life is slowing down – if anything or lives are becoming more and more pressurized. This is why our homes have become our last refuges. Places where we can kick back and relax and – at least for a moment spend some time with loved ones and good friends.

So when that weekend rolls around many people simply do not want to go to that extra effort of making complex and involved meals for the family or those friends that may pop around. But at the same time, they do not to go the really lazy route and opt for the unhealthy option of takeaways.

And even simple meals can be fun to prepare if everyone lends a hand.

Take 65 suggest some good ideas for some really simple and healthy dinner meals that can be put together in minutes, here are some great ideas.

1. Easy Peasy Spaghetti.

Take a break from meat and slap together this simple and healthy spaghetti dish. Add peas and capers and fresh tomatoes as well as lashings of Riccota and some Parmesan shavings and you’ve got a winner. For some extra zing add sun-dried tomatoes as well.

2. Classic Fajitas.

Some store-bought fajitas, fresh chili, homemade (you can cheat with store-bought) guacamole and some middle of the road thin sliced steak. Add lettuce, some cilantro and fresh basil and even some decadent cream for something that everyone builds themselves in only a minute or two.

3. Pan Fried Fish.

Still one of the best and healthiest comfort food. Select whatever fish you want (white fleshed is perfect to lightly fry and bake) and slap together a Greek salad with a lighter dressing like balsamic. Baby tomato in the salad, fresh cucumbers and perhaps a homemade side of tartar sauce.

Weekend dining doesn’t have to be exhausting. Keep it simple, keep it light and fun and your weekend dinner will be a memorable and delicious occasion.