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Internet Design Company Discusses Outcomes of Google Chrome SSL Update

Web Design Company Discusses Outcomes of Google Chrome SSL Update

Back in August 2014, Google created its desire to affect all site owners to move to HTTPS. Historically very clear on its proprietary search engine ranking algorithms, Google’s Webmaster Central Blog declared HTTPS as a ranking sign for SEO. Search Engine Optimization teams throughout the world scrambled to determine the importance of the statement. Web Development teams have been forced to come up with quotes to maneuver from HTTP.

What Are All These Acronyms?

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. HTTPS is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. The “Secure” in HTTPS is empowered by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates. HTTP and HTTPS are the standard methods in which site content has been delivered to end users’ browsers. SSL is the standard for establishing an encrypted connection between the web server and the browsermitigating threat of exposing sensitive data.

How Does This Affect My Site?

Google will be releasing the latest version of its Chrome web browser on approximately October 17, 2017. Chrome 62 will start marking pages as “Not secure” if they’re not served through HTTPS and contain text input areas (i.e. contact kinds, payment forms, newsletter signups…). With cyber protection getting even more of a mainstream issue after recent high profile breaches in Yahoo and Equifax, being pronounced as “Not secure” in the planet’s most popular browser is equivalent to wearing a scarlet “A” in mid-17th century Puritan societies.

Chrome 62 Not Secure warning: example.comHow Can I Prevent the Not Secure Caution in Google Chrome from Showing?

If you made it this far, you could probably use some assistance with an action plan to remove “Not secure” warnings in Google Chrome 62. Some hosting providers could have the ability to aid you in incorporating an SSL certification. But, keep in mind that there are lots of other things that have to be done in order to migrate from HTTP. There are also other considerations on the sort of SSL certification and the number of these you want. You’ll also have to alter most of links that are hard-coded to pictures and CSS/JS files.

Kraus Marketing is glad to assist you with the migration if you aren’t completely comfortable doing it on your own. The very last thing we want is for our customers to eliminate business as a result of a “Not secure” warning related to your site on the most popular browser in the world.

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So if given the choice of rooftop bars in Bangkok where would one go?

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Want to get even higher? How about 63 stories up? The Sky Bar – Lebua at State Tower. This is widely recognized as the place to watch the sunset over one of the most exciting cities in the world. Great cocktails and a view that cannot be beaten. The Roof Top Guide best tip is – if you want a romantic evening of absolute hedonism this is the rooftop bar that will beat all the others.

Sukhumvit Road has a reputation for fun – but sometimes that fun was a bit sleazy. That’s changed with the Octave Rooftop Bar at the Marriott Hotel. This is a rooftop bar which simply oozes style. If you really want to see Bangkok in all its glory this is the place to watch the sun go down, you can grab more information about Bangkok city by visiting Visitors enjoy that much admired 360-degree view which has made Bangkok famous. Three levels of food and drinks and romantic fun make this a venue that will go from strength to strength. well worth putting on your bucket list for a Bangkok visit.

10 new Internet design Programs for June

Last month Brad Frost unveils his guide to creating a successful fashion guide, demonstration tool LiveSlides is currently getting a great deal of attention, and Google releases.  

01. Design Guide Guide

Brad Frost’s information on building great fashion guides

There are lots of reasons why developing a style guide is likely to make your website much easier to sustain, but lots of organisations get it wrong and the style guide turns out to be more of a hindrance than an aid. Design Guide Guide is really a boilerplate by Brad Frost mixed with some fantastic advice that will help you construct a guide that will aid designers without limiting their imagination.

02. LiveSlides

If you make presentations, definitely provide LiveSlides an appearance

Jazz up your presentations with LiveSlides, which lets you embed sites in PowerPoint and Keynote slides so that you reside Twitter feeds, in addition to your own sites and may contain items.

03. Mini.css

An ultra-lightweight yet competent framework

Document size is one of the selling points of this framework, that weighs in at below 7MB gzipped, as its name suggests. It’s only one CSS document, also packs more functionality within that space than you might expect, with modules that will support a rather complex website design. The documentation is detailed, and it is intended to work well on both the desktop and mobile platforms.  


Get your Sketch prototypes up and running with ease

This convenient Mac app enables you to make working prototypes from your Sketch designs without needing to leave the program or fiddle around with exporting items to outside tools. It’s a procedure that’s quick to learn, so that you can get your model online and ready to share.

05. Gradient Buttons

Satisfying gradient blot effects

Here is a big collection of buttons that are gradient that have hover consequences that are cool. You copy the CSS code to use in your website and can try them out on the website .

06. Learn CSS Grid

Get working using CSS Grid the simple way

Because it is a far more efficient way to do 25, it is well worth your time and attempt to get to grips with Grid. The principles are laid out by this resource simply and obviously so that you can jam them into your mind and with minimal resistance.

07. Fontjoy

Interesting ribbon pairings to the inspiration

This tool utilizes machine learning to generate pairings that stick to standards that ought to make them look great. It’s a wonderful way if you are stuck as it is sure to throw some interesting thoughts your way to brainstorm.

08. Material Components

Pixel-perfect, modular components preserved by Google

Material Components is a set of customisable UI components for Android, iOS along with the net that makes it easy for you to execute Material Design on any stage. Google engineers preserved them and made to perform with the frameworks such as Angular and React.

09. Fuse

A UX design toolkit that improves workflow and cooperation

Fuse is a UX toolkit designed to make it a lot quicker and easier for you to construct iOS and Android interfaces, especially for more complicated programs, and to do so in a manner that permits one to collaborate more efficiently using the dev team. IOS interfaces and your own Android look side-by-side so it is possible to fix them plus they’re created by a codebase.

10. Ambiance colour palettes

Randomly generated colour palettes

Ambiance introduces a curated collection of colour palettes for you to browse through if you are stuck for ideas or inspiration, with interesting titles such as Token Movie Vixen and Nice Ice. Palettes can be saved by you to your Ambience Box for afterwards, and replicate colours’ HSL, RGB and HEX information.

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Top 12 Website design Programs for July 2017

One of the most intriguing web design tools to surface this month might be ARKit, an augmented reality toolkit in Apple’s iOS 11 that has some intriguing and powerful features for building AR in your own projects. In addition, we enjoy the appearance of Paralayout, an instrument designed to earn UI design simpler.  

Read on for loads more useful web designer tools released.

01. API Fortress

Set up your testing with a dedicated port

According to this organisation, just 10 per cent of API mistakes are caught inside the very first day of launch. This support provides comprehensive testing and monitoring of your APIs, also you may set everything.


Produce iOS designs quicker

The Money iOS staff in Square discovered Apple’s Autolayout frustrating, so that they constructed their very own layout assistant, Paralayout, also kindly open-sourced it so that the rest of us can benefit. It concentrates on earning your procedure for creating designs readable fast, readable and performant. Read more about this Medium post.    

03. BetaTesters

Get feedback on your beta layouts quickly and readily

It can be a battle to find beta testers for app or your site, so this platform provides a handy method to find a lot of individuals providing you feedback that is helpful and using your app. Additionally, it is great because you’ll hopefully get a user base based.


Cracks plans to create UI design simpler

Fractures is to bootstrapping your own projects an CSS toolkit. It aims to create by giving a set of utility classes, UI design simpler. Plus it is good for prototyping and can be used for production.

05. SiteStacks

Dig into the specialized stack for any Site

This site allows you to have a peek at the heap for any website. If the URL is already recorded (its database includes thousands and thousands of websites) the procedure is instantaneous. Otherwise, do not worry: publish and the creators say they’ll do a quick check straight away and a one in just fourteen days.

06. SQLify

Merge your JSON documents to SQL

This support has a purpose that is very simple: it allows you to convert any JSON or CSV file to SQL — or even any text format. Additionally, there are other options here to convert to SQLite, MySQL and much more browse out the ‘Other versions’ listing in the website’s footer.

07. Style Guide Guide

The Most Recent in Brad Frost

The dad of atomic Layout has put together a boilerplate template for construction style guides for design systems. Brad Frost’s Style Guide Guide imports and displays HTML from upgrades, and another pattern library instantly. Usage guidelines are additional in Markdown, which makes it simple for your staff. Discover more in this Big Medium post.

08. ARKit

Explore augmented reality impacts on iPhone or even iPad

IOS 11 has a new tool called ARKit for creating augmented reality effects on iPad and iPhone. There are a number of features, like the capability to discover surfaces and planes and also light levels, therefore the lighting can be applied to objects. Looks pretty enjoyable for us. Read more about iOS 11’s new attributes in our post

09. UX Flow

A library of wireframes, ready for customisation

UX Flow is a massive library of wireframes and flowcharts for Sketch that allows you to rapidly create great-looking prototypes for web and mobile. You customise them in any manner you want, which makes it effortless to plan your projects in a way that’s terrific for presenting to clients and can style them up.

10. Bring

Drag is a absolutely free Chrome extension that transforms your Gmail into task lists. It is likened by the makers for Gmail, to Trello. It’s ideal for users whose inboxes are filled.

11. Remote Starter Bundle

Keep things running smoothly when working remotely

Chances are, your fantasy team for a job is not comprised of individuals who happen to dwell in precisely the exact same place. If you’ve put together a distant team for the very first time, figuring out your processes and tools is important to getting things operating smoothly, and also this roundup of tools can allow you to get off to a cracking start.

12. Canivete

A helpful set of multipurpose JavaScript works

This is beneficial if you’re fairly new to JavaScript (and possibly even in case you’ve been coding for a while): it is a collection of generic, multipurpose JavaScript functions. The name means ‘swiss army knife’ in Portuguese and it is fantastic for getting a look to accomplish that.

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