The Latest Web Design Trends

While many organizations upgrade their websites based on the most recent Web design trends, there is a possibility for your website to become lost from the monotony. However, as current developments are about finding unique ways to contact your audience, you will find more chances for you to create your website stand out to a targeted group. In general, most trends in imagery, layout, color and typography are shifting toward a more straightforward layout.


As 1stWebDesigner points out, one of the current Web design trends involves incorporating large background images. As you might already be viewing these kinds of pictures everywhere, you can offer your brand an edge with the addition of subtle motion. According to , one variation on this trend is revived storybooking, where a cartoon sequence is triggered when a user scrolls to a certain position on his or her screen.

Movement can also be generated using parallax scrolling, a design approach where background images proceed more gradually than foreground images, providing the illusion of thickness. Another way that you bring your new visuals to life is using cinemagraphs, or still photographs where a subtle motion happens differently. Because these types photographs don’t include big moves, so they maintain your load time to a minimal, that is an added bonus.

You may even create your pictures stick out in the crowd by incorporating hand-crafted examples. With the growth of websites such as DeviantArt, 99designs as well as Tumblr, it has never been simpler to find freelance artists whose style meshes with your own brand.

Another major trend in site appearance is a horizontal layout, where components that provide the illusion of 3 dimensions, such as drop shadows, gradients or textures, are also stripped. According to 1stWebDesigner, “The main role of the flat design is to place emphasis on material while layout [serves] as a communication tool.” This trend is growing especially popular because many programmers are embracing Google’s Material Layout philosophy.


The most important component that is driving trends in layout is portable. If you’re constructing a new website, it absolutely, positively has to be responsive. In other words, it follows that regardless of how a person is viewing your website (whether on tablet, desktopcomputer, or smartphone), they’ll observe a website layout that’s designed particularly for your device, significantly improving the user experience. And while there has been an upsurge in responsive layout, the card layout has also become extremely common. A card layout is a modular layout that shows information in small, bite-sized bits, with pages split and reordered to a continuous basis, depending on screen sizes.

While cards do often make good use of white space and motion to make a layered layout, they are currently best suited to mobile apps. But this trend is not so much about the modular look or motion. Rather, this style reflects a reengineering of the Web, which will be moving away from destinations and pages and moving toward customized content rather.


It’s been demonstrated again and again the tactical use of color can improve conversions. Therefore, the colors you select for your fonts and backgrounds play a major role in your website’s success.

According to 99designs, one of the best Web designs of 2015 is minimalism. As the website suggests, you can minimize the color and content you provide, and after that add attention through “large, realistic videos,” instead. You may even maintain your website visually arousing by introducing different colors of the same color during a page. This variation on the monochromatic layout allows your website to be noticed.


When users have difficulty reading your site content, then they will likely bounce to another website. Therefore, the font you select plays a major part on your traffic and conversion rate. Latest trends predict that hand-lettering, letterpress style and photo overlays will prevail this season. There will also be a increased adoption of skeuomorphic fonts. Remember though – while decorative fonts are great for visitors, leave page content in an easy, easy-to-read sans-serif font. As current trends involve a minimalist approach to design components, colors and text, so the typography you choose is more significant than ever before.

Maintaining these trends in mind for the next redesign of your site will help to make your website more attractive to consumers, which then will help drive more traffic to your website.

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Minimal Hazards, Massive Rewards

A decade back, a set of Kelowna town council representatives traveled to Portland, Oregon to examine the city’s successful bicycle share program. Fast forward to 2018 and a similar project includes at Kelowna.

The town has done well during their discussions using , the Toronto-based firm that is helping to orchestrate this app. Dropbike will be assuming all of the expenses related to the bicycle sharing program free of government aid required.

Some topics that are up for discussion are the absence of “docking stations” and helmets, and neither of which is supplied by Dropbike. Their system operates with a series of “Havens”, that are located across town where users may lock the bikes up in its final destination (their harbor of option).

There’ll be a smartphone program that works in unison using a bank card, that makes it possible for passengers to rent bicycles in the rate of $1 per hour. The application will run as a trial for 18 months with an estimated 500- 1500 bicycles in circulation. It’ll then be reviewed by Dropbike and the town to ascertain whether the project is going to last.

Have you ever utilized a shared bicycle service nationwide or globally?

Are Kelowna pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike ready to split the road and completely obey the rules of the street?   #HighwayCode 

Hiilite can’t wait to see how Dropbike will help compliment the existing public transit systems and also bring further knowledge to environmentally friendly procedures of traveling in British Columbia!

Hiilite Creative Group is a design & advertising agency with offices in Western Canada and the USA.   Our goal is to be the most dedicated, creative and innovative team delivering results-focused marketing and advertising solutions while building lasting relationships that fuel growth and catapult our clients and our clients to success.

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Top 10 Website design companies malaysia

Best 10 web design companies malaysia

Malaysia Web Design Company

Presumably, Google is a standout amongst the most intense web crawlers that assistance you to find anything on the internet. It changes or updates its calculation all the time, which induces you from various points of view. It is exceptionally useful and gives you important proposals to expand the positioning of your site. It simplifies virtually every site admin to plan a portable well-intentioned site that can without much of a stretch aid distinguishing web applications.

Responsive  web outline malaysia is a way to creating a webpage that is anything but difficult to research, explore with least searching over a broad scope of apparatus such as tablets, iPhone, background, portable PC, android, or another device. From the relentless rivalry, it has become the demand for virtually every site admin. There are such a significant number of reasons why Google adores or prescribe a responsive site architecture malaysia. Observe the corresponding targets to think about those reasons.

Website makeup Malaysia

Flexibility:  Now, the vast majority of the era utilizes their brilliant apparatus to get into the web. Along these lines, in the event you need to build the positioning of your webpage or need to drive a colossal motion then you need to embrace responsive site architecture malaysia . Among the important reasons why Google adores versatile neighborly site is that because it gives you the adaptability to help identifying web programs and resize its screen in line with the necessity of a contraption.

Snappy navigation:  One more substantial reason Google adores responsive site architecture malaysia  is that it really psychologists or spreads in line with the need of your responsive contraption, which in result make crafted by path less demanding to get a customer. Brisk and simple route provides a superior client experience to your customer and expands its perceivability on several different webmasters.

Limit site page optimization period: Google cherishes responsive site architecture malaysia  is that it has inbuilt program great element, which limits the stacking time of your site page, which effectively drive a gigantic movement to your site.

What is more reasons you have to earn your site flexible? Every aforementioned reason are sufficient to convince why Google really prescribe it and why you ought to get it. Things being what they are, exactly what exactly are you currently sitting tight for? Counsel, a main Responsive Website Designing Company close you and be the piece of the aggressive market to show signs of improvement comes about. It gives a superior client experience for the customer. Additionally, it retains them cheerful and pull and fulfill in them and visit your site over and over.

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WordPress Mobile Responsive Internet Design & Development

The WordPress Internet Layout platform is simple to use and an extremely popular application tool for producing beautiful sites & Blogs.   It’s also, hands down, the finest Content Management System (CMS) available today.   WordPress’ simplicity of usage and instant-compatibility with todays new Apps. Ensure it is the number one choice of more than 500 million websites.   WordPress is entirely customizable and has several innovative features like a design design along with a template system which allows your website or blog to be portable responsive straight out of the box. This Plugin frame permits you to stay one step before ever-changing App Market for the loves of tablet devices and iPhones, iPad, BlackBerry, Android & more.

Want some help with your WordPress Website or Blog?   Give us a Call or Email — we could troubleshoot, add apps, Slideshows, Contact Types, Plugins, manage Migration, Backups and more.

WordPress — 5 Reasons Why…

1. WordPress is Easy to Use

Quite frankly, WordPress is simple to install and utilize out-of-the-box. Most web hosts offer square setups of WordPress, therefore there’s no need to be a Tech Geek simply to get the thing to run! The setup method is very straight-forward and as soon as you’re logged into, the panels produce sense and it’s simple for beginners to understand that panel relates to what aspect of their site.

2. Plugins Flexibility

Contemplating a fantastic portion of the internet is presently working on WordPress, you can bet it’s sufficient plugins (add-ons) to keep you busy. Whatever additional features you require, there’s a plugin for this in WordPress. There are thousands of WordPress plugins on line to expand the qualities of your site as well as the BEST part is most of these are FREE.

3. SEO Friendly

WordPress already comes pre-packaged with greater SEO than most HTML templates in the market. With the accession of an SEO plugin, and excellent content, you’ll have a website with the capacity to rank well in Google. It has all of the attributes for pinging, trackbacks and appropriate heading tags to get you started.

4. Large Community Support

It’s popular! Once an user-base this big exists, you’ll be able to find loads of blogs, forums, and tutorials to answer the questions. In addition, if you need to hire a programmer or designer, there’s a huge community ready and eager to tackle your own WordPress demands.

5. Open Source

WordPress is an open source application done with PHP. Should you need some excess customization for your WordPress website, it’s easy to discover a programmer to expand its functions. This flexibility gives you endless expandability for the web site.

WordPress Internet Design Packages

Features WordPress Web Design Basic
WordPress Web Design Professional    Custom site
Who produces content? You You Us You Us
Content help Potential Potential Yes
Who puts words & photos on the Website? You Us
You Us We do
Extended assistance Yes Yes Yes
Domain Yes Yes Yes
Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Email speech 1 25 25
Webmail Yes Yes Yes
Could produce text changes Yes Yes Yes
Could include images / photo’s Yes Yes Yes
Could make new webpages You can You can We do
Slideshow Potential Yes Yes
Video Potential Yes Yes
Works with Social Media Potential Yes Yes
Facebook Potential Yes Yes
Newsletter Potential Yes Yes
RSS feed vouchers Potential Yes Yes
Mobile-ready Potential Yes Yes
Professional SEO Yes Yes Yes
Ability to change look or motif Potential Potential Potential
CMS — Content Management System Contained Contained Contained

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Is Perception Reality in Web Design?

Is Perception Reality in Web Design?

Maybe you have found yourself ordering dessert, not because you are hungry, but because you simply liked the way it appeared about the menu? Have you ever walked into a brick and mortar store simply because something in the window caught your eye? Have you ever taken a liking to a person for no apparent reason?

Ah the power of visual screen!

That’s the power of understanding. People are hardwired to form immediate perceptions and make snap judgments based on little more than a vague glimpse of something. Without this capability, our species probably would have expired by now.

At the same time, however, the way that people form immediate perceptions can make it hard for you, as a marketer, to make this all-important initial impression, based as it is, on the slender whims of your intended audience. That is where your web design plays a vital function.

Why Web Design For The Small Business Matters

Just as many brick and mortar shops have a window screen designed to produce a distinct impression one of passers-by, therefore, too, your site has to be built, not just to snag the attention of your audience except to evoke a favorable first impression on their part.

The hard issue is that your site must attract visitors in little more than the blink of a eye. Google research shows that in 50 milliseconds, an internet visitor forms his or her first understanding of your site. Have you any idea just how time that actually is? It’s 0.05 seconds.

Researchers in Missouri University of Science & Technology used eye-tracking technologies to discover that it requires about 2.6 seconds to get an internet visitor to property on the area of a site that most influences initial impression. Whenever you have just 2.6 seconds to grab the attention of your audience, your web design unexpectedly takes on far more value.

Therefore, what elements of your web page are most important? Where’s the audience focusing focus? The Missouri research notes that the next site sections as garnering the most attention:

  • Your emblem (6.48 minutes)
  • Main navigation menu (6.44 minutes)
  • Search box (6.0 moments)
  • Social networking links (5.95 moments)
  • Main image (5.94 moments)
  • Written content (5.59 moments)

Certainly, it takes just a small amount of time for your web viewers to choose to linger on your site or go elsewhere. So it is crucial to make the most of the sliver of time to find the perfect message across.

Can your site delight your visitors?

However, your web design has to do more than simply grab focus. After a train wreck grabs focus, but it does not leave you with the impression that you wish to see it. Your web design has to be engaging, evocative of some persuasive emotion. It has to project the perfect tone and the perfect image. It has to prompt the viewer to have some actions. Does your site do this?

Your site has to also provide on its original visual promise. The understanding of your business your site projects must be paired with the facts of what you offer. A mismatch in this critical area is jarring to a audience. It skews their understanding and, thus, the truth of your business enterprise.

The Takeaway

Good web design has a substantial impact on your potential clients and hence on your bottom line. Perception sells. What perception is how the site actually promoting? Can there be some actions you can take to earn your web design do more for your business? Contact us to start a debate about what we can do to assist.